Secondary Interests

We seek interests...with embedded value or compelling economics 

Maihar is not restricted by typical constraints of holding period, style, and geography. We focus on opportunities where we can add value beyond capital.  

For 1H24, we will actively consider PE, Growth Equity, Infrastructure and Private Companies in the developed markets with valuation > $1 B USD.  

We address the needs of Counterparties by creating value within the context of a mutually beneficial relationship.  Our solutions-oriented approach is centered around enabling the Counterparty to Resize, Rebalance, and Reduce the holding(s).

If you want us to potentially consider interests, please contact us using the form below or Email: team1 at Maiharcapital dotcom. 

Your inquiry and information will be treated confidentially per our firm's policies.   While we make an effort to respond to requests in a timely fashion, there is a possibility that we may not be able to get back to you.  If you encounter a problem with the form below or would like to send additional information please do so by emailing team1 at maiharcapital dot com.